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Do you accept refunds or returns?

The processing time frame on regular orders is 1-3 business days, once your order is dropped off at the post office, the shipping timeframe that you applied during checkout will start.


What sizes are the bags of rhinestones you offer?

 Our ready-to-ship resin bags are 2oz by weight and glass bags are 10gross(1440 stones)

What type of rhinestones do you offer?
Resin, Glass, Pearls, and wholesale

How long does it take to receive a wholesale order?
Because stones are coming from overseas, a specific timeframe is not guaranteed, but usually 10 business days for glass stones and 2-3 weeks for resin/pearls

When can we place a wholesale order?

How come the prices change on the bulk stones?
The prices change according to the price of the manufacturer, if they change, we adjust accordingly. 

Can I resell the wholesale stones I buy?
Yes, our wholesale items are meant for others to supply their bling business, whether you want to be a bling artist or supplier.


What sizes are the vinyl sheets?
They are 12 by 12 inches

Is your vinyl waterproof?
Our printed vinyl sheets are water-resistant and so is our ink, but it is not 100% waterproof, while we have tested our vinyl sheets against water and wear and tear, we suggest sealing the vinyl with epoxy, Brite Tone, laminate sheets or spray a sealant (Polycrylic, etc) to protect the design longer.

Yes, our regular sign vinyl IS waterproof!

Do we offer different sizes of vinyl sheets?
Yes, for printed patterns we offer 8x10 and 12x12.

Regular Sign Vinyl in sizes 12x12 soon we will offer 12x24.

Can I get custom-printed vinyl sheets?

We no longer supply glitter


What license is included in my purchase?
Commercial Use means you can use my designs to put on a product that you sell. If you don't sell anything, you can also use them for personal use.


  • Create Unlimited Physical End Products (stickers, shirts, decals, birthday cards, etc)
  • Create the items that you sell on Print-on-Demand (POD) sites*
  • Use the designs forever, The License never expires.


  • Resell, sub-license, share, or (re)distribute any of the digital files.
  • Convert individual letters/numbers of fonts to different formats (for example SVG, Embroidery formats, etc) and sell those files.
  • Convert my designs to new designs and sell those as new designs (for example, change the color, rearrange, or modify).

All designs belong to ReneeA, and the license only gives you access to use them for small business needs. If you have any questions or concerns about how you can use any of my designs feel free to contact me here


I have a business, how can I work with you?
All rhinestones are available for your bling business needs, if you need something specific please email me at

If I own a business, can I buy rhinestones from you for my business?
 Yes! We are here to supply your needs and welcome all business owners to use our rhinestones for their nail art and/or other creations

 What are the shipping options?
 We ship all of our products worldwide by USPS Shipping, however, there are options for faster shipping at a higher price. All shipping comes with Insurance and Tracking Info.

I have not received my order, where is it?
Once we have dropped your package off at the post office we are no longer responsible and have no control over how long it may take to get to you. During the holidays you may experience longer delivery times. If it has been over 7 days past your delivery date, please contact USPS and fill out a lost mail form. 

Do you accept refunds or returns?